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Bamboo has been well known since ancient times. Shakyamuni Buddha gave teachings in the Bamboo Grove at Rajgir South India 2500 years ago.

No, you can't keep pandas just because
you have bamboo. Although they eat 25 different varieties, these are mostly
running species.

The most competitive prices available and so many varieties to choose from. Click the name
to see a picture. Remember, bamboo can be grown in pots or in acreage plots.

Some varieties up to 40% discount when large
numbers of plants ordered.

poles (and uses)


Meet Samuel and Amber who are very passionate about growing bamboo and exploring it's many uses.

Bambusa oldhamii grove.

Growing a bamboo grove is an effective way to eradicate lantana.

Different sized poles available and so many uses for them.

Did you know?

Have you heard bamboo is easy to grow? Well that is not necessarily so. Some varieties need TLC.

Running varieties have given bamboo a bad name. Clumping varieties are not invasive in that way.

*Not all bamboos are exotics. Australia has some native varieties including Bambusa arnheimica, Schizostachyum Murray Island from the Torres Strait and B forbesii a little harder to grow.

*Seeding world wide occurs at different intervals. Three varieties have seeded in the last few years Dendrocalamus sikkiemensis, Thamnoclamus spathaceus and Gigantochloa robusta.

Not sure which variety you want? Check the selection of photos in the gallery to find what appeals to you. Varieties can be small <3m, medium 4-5m or large >6m. Find the one that best suits your situation.