New Arrivals

Get ready to dive into Bamboo Grove Co.'s newest collection, a breathtaking array of pieces inspired by the essence of Australia. Designed in collaboration with esteemed Australian Artists, each product—be it our eco-friendly cloth nappies, the snug swaddles, beach-ready swimwear, adaptive swim nappies, easy training pants, handy wetbags, or convenient changemats—carries a touch of Down Under magic. 🍃🌊

Large Bamboo-Cotton Muslin Swaddles
Swimsuit and Hat Set

Get ready for summer with our vibrant and stylish swimwear collection.

This swim suit set is perfect for your mini water baby. Our Long-Sleeve Swim Suit and Hat Set is designed to keep your little one sun-safe and stylish during their aquatic adventures.

Featuring Australian-artist designed prints this set is a must for all water babes!

Australiana Swaddles

Wrap Your Baby in Aussie Art: Introducing Bamboo Grove Co's New Australiana Swaddle Collection!

We've taken snuggling to the next level with our brand-new swaddle collection. Each swaddle features unique Australiana prints that tell stories of our beautiful land.

Woven with an ultra-soft blend of bamboo and cotton, these swaddles are not just easy on the eyes, but super gentle on your bub's delicate skin.

The Cutest Cloth Nappies Down Under!

Step up your cloth nappy game with our latest collection of modern cloth nappies, boasting beautiful prints designed by renowned Australian artists. Embrace eco-friendly parenting without sacrificing style or comfort; our cloth nappies offer unmatched absorbency and ease of use, all wrapped up in jaw-droppingly beautiful designs inspired by Australian fauna and flora. 🐨🎨

Waterproof Training Pants

Bamboo Grove Co.'s Training Pants collection are designed to make potty training an enjoyable experience. Our training pants come equipped with soft bamboo velour towelling inside and a waterproof outer layer. They are adjustable and easy to pull up and down, empowering your tiny tots to be more independent. The best part? They're reusable, offering a sustainable alternative to disposable training pants. Now that's what we call a win for both parents and the planet! 🌏💚

Adjustable Swim Nappies

Our Swim Nappies are designed to make every splash and giggle even more delightful! Made for the tiniest of adventurers, our swim nappies showcase vibrant prints by talented Australian designers. 🌊🐠

Understanding that little ones grow up in a blink, our swim nappies come in two adaptable sizes, ensuring a snug fit for every stage. Thanks to the added snaps, these nappies can be adjusted effortlessly, ensuring that as your baby grows, their swim nappy grows with them. 🌱🌞

Wetbag Wonders

Stay prepared and stylish on-the-go with Bamboo Grove Co.'s all-new Wetbag Set of Two! Tailored for the modern parent, our sets include a versatile small single-pocket and a spacious large double-pocket wetbag, ensuring you have a solution for every situation. 🍃✨

Whether you're storing fresh nappies, wet swimsuits, or those unexpected little messes, our wetbag duo has got you covered. With this set of two, you're always ready for life's little surprises, making them an indispensable accessory for your cloth nappy journey.

Compact Change Mat

Say hello to convenience with our Compact Nappy Changing Mat—designed to be your on-the-go best friend! Generously sized at 70x46 cm, it offers a clean, comfortable surface for those emergency nappy changes, yet rolls up effortlessly to tuck into your nappy bag.

Our Compact Nappy Changing Mat combines convenience with quality. Made with a waterproof outer layer that's easily wipeable for light soiling, and padded with a soft, absorbent bamboo velour toweling layer for ultimate comfort. It's a must-have essential that promises to make nappy changes a breeze, no matter where you are!