Reusable swim nappy collectionReusable swim nappy collection

Reusable Swim Nappies for budding floaters

One of the most exciting things for a parent is taking baby to the pool or beach for the first time. There’s something so sweet about watching your little one paddle and splash about, all from the safety of your arms.

All the first moments with your child are exciting and precious. Documenting and treasuring their achievements, laughter and reactions makes them all the more special and
something you’ll look back on for years to come. Sometimes there are mishaps, but that’s ok too. They all become part of the memory.

But it’s good to keep things floating along nicely, that’s why we recommend packing a good pair of reusable swim nappies as you head out the door to your first date at the pool.

Baby wearing reusable swim nappy at the beach

Swim Nappies prevent accidents

Let’s be straight—when it comes to pools, the only things that should be floating in that water are super-cute babies, and NOT things that belong in the loo!

Reusable swim nappies will definitely save your embarrassment, if the possibility of this were ever to occur. The good news is that a well-designed swim nappy will catch solids before they reach the water. There’s no need to rehearse your apology; you should never need to use it.

Reusable swim nappy with sunny print

Comfort is key

When it comes to swimming pants, or any pants really, how they fit, and feel is very important.
If the swim nappy is too tight, it may cause your little one to feel discomfort. If it’s too loose, accidents won’t stay contained.

Bamboo Grove Swim Nappies are the ideal blend of comfort and protection. They feature soft elastics to help keep the nappy secure without being too tight or pinching your baby’s tummy.

Save money by using reusable cloth nappies
Reusable swim nappy with snap clips

Uh-oh it happened

We know all too well that a good session of rolling, moving or kicking can bring on the number 2s. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that babies tend to do number 2s when they swim. Just look at their little legs kicking about!

Bamboo Grove Swim Nappies can easily be pulled up or down, which is great when your little baby has turned into a toddler who wants to flex their independence. But, when we’re dealing with soiled nappies, that can be a challenge.
Thankfully, our swim nappies are fitted with clever snap clips on the side to help with mess-free changes.

Swim Nappies that can bereused time after time

Swim nappy for baby girls

The more often we can reuse and recycle, the better we are able to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why reusable swim nappies are such a good idea. It doesn’t matter if your little one loves to swim for fun or if they’re showing promise as a contender for the Olympics, conserving our natural waterways for their future enjoyment is a top priority.

But in the meantime, these handy little swim nappies will save you money and time in the long run. No more last minute trips to the supermarket to hunt for disposable swim nappies. As a parent, that’s a true cause for celebration.

How to clean a swim nappy?

If you’ve managed to get your bub out for a swim session and find that no accidents transpired, you’re in luck! Simply give the swim nappy a rinse in fresh, cold water and hang up to dry.

However, if your nappy did its job well and saved the pool, and every other unsuspecting swimmer, from unwelcome floaties, there’s a few extra steps you need to take to get it clean and ready for next time.

First dispose of solids by flushing them down the toilet. Give the swim nappy a good rise prior to washing. Set your machine on a gentle wash cycle between 40 – 60°C. Once the cycle is complete, hang the nappy out to dry. Voila! Ready for your next pool adventure.

Taking your baby to the pool is no small feat. There is a lot of preparation beforehand and a lot of clean up afterwards. You’ve got to shower yourself and baby, wash towels and bathers, feed a hungry post-exercise baby, as well as yourself. Why not store those wet reusable swim nappies in a wet bag until you have some time to get to them?

How to clean a reusable swim nappy

Overall, it’s important that your baby learns swimming is a positive experience. Have fun together and try not to sweat the small stuff. Babies are always attuned to their parents moods and gut reactions.

Feelings of tension or stress when visiting the pool or beach can influence just how your bub feels about this new sensation. So, remember to relax, enjoy the time together and let a reusable swim nappy do the heavy catching!



Our order arrived very quickly and was really nicely presented. Our daughter is 4 months old and almost 7kg and the medium swim nappy seems to fit her well with plenty of room to grow. It looks great too! Looking forward to more swims throughout summer.

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