Reusable Cloth Nappies

Voted by Mum's Grapevine as one of Australia's most popular cloth nappies 2023, Bamboo Grove Co's cloth nappy range has swiftly risen to become one of Australia's top choices, and it's no mystery why. With stunning new prints by Australian artist, our new season range is a celebration of Australia's natural beauty.

These nappies are more than just eco-friendly—they are a statement of style, a testament to sustainability, and with our value packs, undeniable value for money. Join the movement with Bamboo Grove Co.

* Each nappy comes with 2 Bamboo-Cotton Inserts

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Save money by using reusable cloth nappies
Voted Most Popular Australian Cloth Nappies

Here is why you will love our reusable nappies

Adjustable size

One size fits most. Our nappies will fit most babies from birth to potty training, although you might prefer a smaller fitted nappy during the newborn period.

Double row snaps ensures that the reusable nappy is fastened securely.

Double gusset to improve fit and reduce leaks.

Suitable for babies 3.5-15 kg

Hybrid design

Can be used either as a Pocket Nappy or All-in-2 Nappy.


A pocket nappy has a ‘pocket’ between the waterproof cover and inner stay dry suede layer. The reusable nappy inserts are stuffed into this pocket, making nappy changes fast and easy when nappies are prepared in advance.

Nappies can be stuffed beforehand, making nappy changes easier when used daycare.

The stay dry suede will be next to your baby’s skin, keeping it dry.

This option works well for very active toddlers as the insert stays securely in place.


Nappy inserts are secured to the nappy cover with snaps.

Our nappies come with 2 snap in inserts which can be attached to each other and the nappy cover, providing six layers of absorbency.

This setup is easy to prepare, as the inserts simply snap in place.

The soft and hypoallergenic bamboo-cotton layer is next to your baby’s skin.

2 x Bamboo-cotton inserts 

Our eco-friendly bamboo inserts are super soft, hypoallergenic and made from natural fabrics to protect your baby’s skin and reduce the risk of nappy rash.

Bamboo is ultra absorbent, making it the ideal fabric for nappy inserts.

The two inserts contain snaps which attach to each other for added protection, providing 6 layers of absorption.

The inserts can be snapped into the nappy or stuffed into the nappy pocket.

Small insert: Approx 13 x 22 cm

Large insert: Approx 13 x 32 cm


One size fits most.

Suitable for babies 3.5-15 kg


Outer: Waterproof polyester PUL

Inner: Stay dry polyester suede

Inserts: Two 3-layer Bamboo-cotton fleece inserts containing 70% viscose made from bamboo and 30% Cotton

Care instructions:

Separate insert from nappy shell. Flush solids and rinse residual solids prior to washing. Nappies and inserts can be stored in a dry pail for 2-3 days prior to washing. Gentle warm machine wash at 40-60 C. Do not use bleach or use fabric softeners. Hang out to dry or tumble dry on low heat. 

Start your cloth nappy journey today, you will love it!