Change Mats

Our travel change mats provides a clean surface and peace of mind for on-the-go nappy changes wherever you are.

Compact Size for On-The-Go Convenience

Our Compact On-the-Go Change Mat's streamlined 70x46 cm size, is perfect for quick outings and tight spaces. The mat easily rolls up and features a snap closure, making it a breeze to carry along in your purse, backpack, or stroller. 

Large for Ultimate Convenience

Our Large Change Mat measures a generous 72 x 72 cm. More bulky than it's compact sibling, it provides ample space for any nappy changing situation or wriggly toddler. You can rest assure you have a clean surface wherever you are.

Browse our selection to find the perfect change mat that blends seamlessly with your busy, yet stylish, parenting life.

Nappy Changing Mat with Cockatoo print

Change Mat Features

Generous size

Portable – rolls up and snap close 

Waterproof outer, soft bamboo-cotton toweling inner

Versatile, can be used as change mat, play mat or to protect car seats or furniture from accidents when toilet training

Easy to clean 


72x72 cm


Outer: Waterproof polyester PUL

Inner: 2 layers bamboo-cotton velour toweling – super soft and absorbent

Care instructions

For light soiling, simply wipe down the PUL side and re-use.

Machine washable - Gentle warm machine wash at 40-60 C. 

Do not use bleach or use fabric softeners. 

Line dry in the shade or tumble dry on low heat.