Cloth nappy with Aussie animal print
Reusable Cloth Nappies

Voted by Mum's Grapevine as one of Australia's most popular cloth nappies 2023, Bamboo Grove Co's cloth nappy range has swiftly risen to become one of Australia's top choices, and it's no mystery why.

Aussie parents are discerning, seeking products that marry sustainability with performance. Our nappies seamlessly blend eco-friendliness with designs that genuinely understand a child's needs, making them a sought-after gem in the vast sea of baby products.

Jump in and join the community of savvy Aussie parents who have made the switch.

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Voted Most Popular Australian Cloth Nappies
Cloth Nappy Features

Why settle for less when you can have it all?

Our cloth nappies come with a plethora of features designed for real-world use. From pocket nappy to all-in-2 options, our designs offer unbeatable versatility.

Add to that a double gusset to fend off leaks and a double row of snaps for a tailored fit, and you've got a nappy that ticks all the boxes for both new and seasoned parents.

Toilet Training Pants Features

Potty training just got a whole lot easier and more stylish.

Our toilet training pants feature a soft bamboo velour lining that offers unmatched comfort, plus a waterproof outer layer to handle those little "oops" moments with grace.

With side snaps for easy clean-up and irresistibly cute prints, these training pants are a hit for toddlers making that all-important transition.

Swim Nappy Features

Splash, play, and dive into fun with our swim nappies!

Specially designed to offer a snug yet comfortable fit, they keep accidents contained without sacrificing style.

Made from lightweight, quick-drying materials, these swim nappies make pool and beach days more enjoyable for everyone involved.

And yes, they come in the cutest Australian themed prints!

Cloth Nappy Accessories

To complement our stellar nappy range, we offer an array of cloth nappy accessories designed to make your cloth diapering journey a breeze. Choose from wet bags, change mats, bamboo nappy liners, and absorbent inserts to create a tailor-made nappy system for your family.

Your One-Stop Cloth Nappy Shop

Our cloth nappy range offers a winning combo of style, function, and sustainability that parents across Australia adore.

So why not make the switch today and join the ever-growing family of Bamboo Grove Co fans? Your baby—and the planet—will thank you.