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Affordable Nappies

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Let's do the math: At approximately 40c (*prices vary widely) per disposable nappy and 6 000 nappy changes in the first 2 years of your child's life, parents will spend AUD 2,400 on average on disposable nappies per child.

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What People Say About Bamboo Grove Co Cloth Nappies


Fantastic nappies!

Recently received 2 of the MCNs and I am so happy with them!
The fit is great on my chubby-thighed 13 month old. He is a very heavy wetter but these MCNs rarely leak. The double gusset holds even the biggest poonami! The natural fibres in the inserts mean he hasn’t had any nasty nappy rash with these MCNs.

Cloth nappy with Aussie animal print
Anna Sagar

Perfect fit!

I’m always hesitant to try a new MCN because it can be tricky getting a good fit, but this was perfect first go. Beautiful pattern and not bulky at all.

Modern Cloth Nappy and matching swaddle

Recently received our 2x MCNs and boosters. So far very pleased with them. Pleasantly surprised by the PUL strip on the front inside that stops wicking to the clothes, and love the patterns. I was initially sceptical about the double gusset as the inner one is rather narrow (so gets covered up and becomes single gusset if you just lay the inserts on top), however using it as a pocket nappy, it works really well.

Cloth nappy with turtle print
Chloe H

Best training pants you’ll find!

I looked everywhere and tried every different type of training pants you could possibly find and out of all of them these are hands down the best, easiest and most practical! The fit is perfect and I love how they pull apart at the side so you can minimise smooshing the mess everywhere. The fabric and waterproofing is really good lasting quality. Absolutely recommend for anyone in the training stage or that lives somewhere where it’s to hot for a full nappy.

Kim P

Beautiful and functional

I love the inserts and the way that they can be layered or stuffed. The design is great and the patterns are lovely enough to show off!

Cloth nappy with seahorse print