Bamboo Grove Co's Toilet Training Pants

Transitioning from nappies to regular undies is a monumental step in a child's journey, and Bamboo Grove Co is here to make it stylish and seamless.

Our toilet training pants are designed to give your little one the confidence to take on this new phase. With their perfect blend of comfort and practicality, these training pants will make toilet training a breeze.

Toddler wearing toilet training pants with seastar print

Training Pants Features

Look and feel like regular undies. Fitted with soft elastic around the waist so that your toddler can help to pull them up or down. But also fitted with side snaps for a mess-free change when needed.

Adjustable size. Three rows of side snaps adjust the waist size and 3x3 snaps on the front adjust the length and fit around the legs. The training pants can be adjusted to fit most toddlers. Contact us if you are not sure about sizing.

The waterproof outer layer is made from soft polyester PUL, providing an extra layer of protection when an accident happens. Great for reducing laundry and saving car seats, carpets and furniture.

The inner layer is made from super soft bamboo velour, your toddler will love the feel. The inner layer is not a “stay material.” The wet sensation promotes toileting awareness when your tod has had an accident.

An added microfibre layer improves absorbency and reduce the risk of leaks.

Unisex style, although your toddler will likely help you choose their favourite print!


Adjustable size – 12 months to toilet training.


Outer: Soft waterproof polyester PUL

Inner: Soft bamboo velour with added microfibre layer

Care instructions:

Bamboo absorbency increases after a few washes and we recommend pre-washing the training pants a few times before putting them to the tests.

If the pants are soiled, flush solids and rinse residual solids prior to washing.

Training pants can be stored in a dry pail for 2-3 days prior to washing. A wetbag is very useful to store soiled pants when out and about.

Gentle warm machine wash at 40-60 C. Do not use bleach or use fabric softeners. Hang out to dry or tumble dry on low heat.