Hi there, let us introduce ourselves. 

We are the Kotzee family, a family of four, based in Townsville, tropical North Queensland. We are experienced healthcare workers and have over 25 years of experience in the health industry. 

Adele is a paediatrician and Theunis a GP. We are both based in private practice and especially passionate about the work that we do at our local community controlled Indigenous health service.

Our daughters are also in health, which makes them the third generation of healthcare workers in our family. Ingrid recently qualified as a dietician and Carla has just commenced studying towards her own health degree. 

Why did we start Bamboo Grove Co?

We are passionate about everything health related and equally obsessed about living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Moving to Australia in 2006 was a real eye-opener. It is fantastic to work in a country with a functional health system, but we were astounded by the mountains of single-use-plastic items that are discarded every day in the Australian health system. Our unease grew with every one of the thousands plastic PPE items and disposable nappies that we threw away over the years, knowing that none of it will be recycled and it will all end in landfill.

We decided to combine our desire to make a positive impact on the environment with our healthcare knowledge. The idea was born to provide parents with beautiful environmentally friendly infant products, that are safe and healthy to use, reduce harm to the environment and are manufactured in an ethical way. Our environmentally friendly cloth nappies, sleeping bags and other baby products are ethically made and carefully designed to ensure your new baby’s safety and comfort.