Reusable toilet training pantsReusable toilet training pants

Waterproof Training Pants for Growing Toddlers

A baby’s developing independence is a bittersweet notion for parents. On the one hand, we desire that they develop a healthy range of skills that will see them well into their teens years and beyond, but we also note with twinges of sadness that each new step means they need our help less and less.

One of the signs that your child is on their way to becoming a big kid is when they learn how to use the toilet. This can be a big step for some toddlers, while relatively easy for others to pick up.

Each toddler eventually masters this skill in their own time. What a relief to know that it’s not a competition to see who gets there first! But the way they get there is important. Creating a positive learning experience can often be key to just how quickly a toddler learns this new skill. One such way is to introduce a pair of waterproof training pants. It can help them reach that milestone sooner, and save your sanity along the way.

Toilet training pants with turtles

What are waterproof training pants made off?

Because sensation is a key element to successful toilet training, we’ve made sure that Bamboo Grove’s Waterproof Training Pants feel good to wear. But there is a twist! Their initial appeal lies in their soft bamboo velour inner that feels super soft when it’s dry, but heavy and uncomfortable when it becomes wet.

This is a strategic design choice as it encourages the toddler to recognise that dry pants are more comfortable, training them to keep them dry at all costs.

On the outside, the training pants are made from a soft waterproof polyester PUL. They are designed to be flexible and bendable to allow for the movement that comes with active toddler antics.

In between these two layers, there’s a built-in microfibre layer that gives extra absorbency because sometimes when you have to go, you have to go in big volume.

Reusable Toilet training pants for toddlers

What happens when they go in their Waterproof Training Pants?

Once an accident occurs, the Training Pants kick into action. The inner microfibre layer absorbs the bulk of the liquid, the outer layer and elastic sides ensure that nothing leaks out onto dry clothing, while the inner bamboo layer will feel wet and a little bit yucky.

At this point, your child will start to indicate that they’re not feeling very comfortable, which will hopefully lead to them run to the potty faster next time in order to avoid the feeling again.

No one likes having to pull wet undies down their legs, or worse, soiled underpants!

For this reason, we added side snaps to our training undies so that they can be removed while lying down, saving one toddler tantrum at the same time.


Just call them ‘super-helpers”

Toilet training is a stressful time in most households. Often, there are other siblings, or a baby, that also need care, time and attention. All the while, the housework maintains its never-ending cycle of mandatory tasks.

And while focussing solely on your toddler while they are going through the stages of toilet training would be the quickest way to success, it almost always isn’t practical or even possible to do.

Keeping calm and positive is paramount to helping your toddler reach their toilet training goals. But the journey can be full of twists and turns, and parents can surely also use a hand along the way.

At Bamboo Grove Co, we aim to give as much of a helping hand as we can. However, it isn’t in the form of helping with the chores or caring for other little ones. Instead, our training pants help protect the couch, the car seat and the bedding for when those accidents do occur.

We also happen to think that keeping parent sanity intact, as well as their reactions to accidents as positive and encouraging, go a long way toward making this time more manageable for everyone.

Well fitting toilet training pants

How to care for Waterproof training pants

Did you know that the bamboo fabric in each pair of training pants actually increases its absorbency with each wash? So it makes sense to give your new training pants a few washes before the first wear, since the early day of toilet training can often have the biggest accidents.

Oops! Your little one didn’t quite make the potty in time for Number 2s. That’s okay. The best way to handle this is to flush solids down the toilet and give the nappy a good rinse before popping it in the washing machine.

Yes, you read that right! Bamboo Groove Waterproof Training Pants are indeed machine washable. We recommend a hot cycle of 40–60 C before hanging them outside to dry. They can also go in the tumble dryer on a low heat setting.

Comfortable training pants for toddlers
Waterproof training pants for toddlers
Reusable underwear to promote toilet training
Night time Toilet Training Underwear

What else do you need for a successful toilet training escapade

The best way for mums and dads to handle toddler toilet training is to maintain their patience and exercise a positive attitude. This is the best way to help little ones navigate this new skill with confidence.

Sometimes you need to strategise, and that’s perfectly fine too. If the toilet is proving too big or too scary for your toddler to sit on, using a potty or toilet seat attachment can help to eliminate some of the fear.

Of course, toilet training a toddler doesn’t mean you are bound to the house. For those who like to maintain their outings and adventures, a wetbag is a game changer. They are particularly useful for storing wet or soiled training pants while your toddler is still learning how to master their toilet training skills. You can store these items for up to 2–3 days in the wetbag before running them through the wash.

Wetbags are also great for using at home when you can’t get to washing the training pants straight away. Just pop them away in a wetbag until you get a chance to deal with them.

Don’t forget to give lots of praise and the odd reward here and there to show your little toilet trainer just how proud you are of their efforts. For more Toilet Training Tips and Tricks head across to the Toilet Training Tips article.


Wet bags are must have accessories when toilet training. The waterproof PUL fabric will seal away smells and leaks, which is great when travelling or for use at daycare.

Wet bags are easy to clean and can be wiped down or washed with toilet training pants.

We wish you all the very best as you begin this new phase with your toddler. Keep in mind that it is not forever; your toddler will eventually master the skill and all those accidents and mad dashes to the potty will soon seem like a distant memory. In the meantime, you’ve got Waterproof Training Pants on hand to help catch any accidents along the way.

What our Customers Say


Fantastic pants!

Love the adjustable clips- almost as good as a modern cloth nappy but comfier for my son, preferring to wear these, pretty keen to see more interesting prints! Only bought the turtles as i love the print😜

Tanya Fountain

Comfortable + Stylish

My son has enjoyed his training pants by Bamboos Grove, they are extremely soft and comfortable aswell.


Best training pants you’ll find!

I looked everywhere and tried every different type of training pants you could possibly find and out of all of them these are hands down the best, easiest and most practical! The fit is perfect and I love how they pull apart at the side so you can minimise smooshing the mess everywhere. The fabric and waterproofing is really good lasting quality.






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