Wet Bags for Swimming: They’re Not Just for Wet Swim Suits!

Ever packed your bag after a refreshing day at the beach, only to face that dreaded soggy mess? No more! Our waterproof wet bags have sailed to the rescue, proving they're more than just about keeping your car seats dry. Let’s jump right in!

Get Ready for Summer

In Australia, our summers are iconic: balmy evenings, the scent of sunscreen in the air, and endless days spent between the shimmering blue of our pools and the vast expanse of golden beaches. But as much as we revel in these quintessential Australian moments, there's a not-so-glorious side: the soggy remnants of our water adventures.

But here's the good news: Waterproof wet bags, they are your indispensable companion for summer sun-soaked escapades, they are not merely a place to stash damp bathers. They're versatile, stylish, and an absolute summer essential.

Wet Bags – More Than Just Storage

Wet bags are not just about storage; they offer a multitude of benefits tailored for your water-filled adventures. They are designed to expertly lock in moisture, ensuring that damp items like your wet swimsuit or towel don't dampen or damage other belongings. With their waterproof design, any worries about leaks affecting your phone or keys are a thing of the past. Plus, their thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments mean you can organize your swimming essentials effortlessly, making it a breeze to locate your goggles or any other accessory.

An Eco-friendly Choice

Opting for wet bags is a nod to sustainability and care for our planet. Not only do they present a stellar alternative to single-use plastics, thereby safeguarding our pristine beaches and marine ecosystems, but their durable and reusable machine washable design ensures longevity.

This not only minimizes waste but also offers the added advantage of being easy to maintain, making them a green and practical choice for the environmentally conscious.

Versatility is Key

Wet bags aren't just for swimmers, they are your secret weapon and have a myriad of uses:

Parenting Lifesaver: Acting as a nappy wet bag, these pouches manage those spontaneous little spills and messes that come with parenting, ensuring you're always prepared. With separate pockets for clean and soiled nappies, their waterproof design means you can seal away any smells or leaks.

Traveler's Delight: Wet bags can be a godsend on your globetrotting adventures. Separate dirty clothing, store wet towels or swimwear after a spontaneous dive in the pool, or keep your favorite book dry from potential spills.

Cosmetic Cache: Ever had a lotion explode during travel? Waterproof wet bags are perfect for storing cosmetics and toiletries, keeping potential leaks contained and away from your clothes and other items. And as they are machine washable, cleanups are a breeze.

Organizational Oasis: Divide and conquer your storage challenges. Use wet bags to separate and organize toys, crafts, or even different sets of clothes for your little ones.

Outdoor Outings: Picnics or trips to the playground can be messy. Wet bags offer a handy solution for damp dishcloths, used bibs, or those wet clothing from unexpected water play.

On-the-Go Baby Changes: Wet bags can hold not just soiled nappies but also wet wipes, creams, and a change of clothes, making it a one-stop solution for changes while you're out and about.

Travel Tech Storage: Use them to keep your tech gear, like earphones or chargers, organized and protected from potential water damage during your travels.

Makeup Master: Beyond toiletries, they're perfect for storing makeup. Whether you're heading to the gym or on a trip, keep your makeup items tidy and separated.

Emergency Essentials: Whether you're on a road trip or a flight, having an emergency kit with essentials (from snacks to first aid) in a wet bag ensures any spills are contained and easy to clean up.

Summer Swim Essentials






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A Perfect Companion

With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a quality waterproof wet swimsuit bag. They're the ideal beach or pool companion, ensuring you can focus on the fun, not the mess.

Whether it’s ensuring your beach reads stay dry, or that your car remains free of sandy towels, these bags rise to the challenge. Swim, splash, and play, and let your wet bag handle the rest!

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Fantastic Wet Bags!

These wet bags are fantastic to store wet and dry clothes in the one bag with two separate compartments. I love the snap clip so it can be attached to another bag or pram handle too!


Must have!

This bag has turned into a must have item while we are travelling and exploring Australia. Durable, lightweight and such a fun print!


Large double pocket rainbow wet bag

Our order arrived very quickly in a compostable bag and was beautifully packaged. The large wet bag has a lovely colourful pattern and 2 zippable pockets which is really handy for keeping wet and dry swimmers/nappies separate.

This will be a really useful and multi-purpose bag throughout the upcoming summer. Highly recommended!

Wetbag cloth nappy accessories