How bamboo sleeping bags helps babies sleep betterbabies wearing bamboo sleeping bags

How bamboo helps babies sleep for longer

How precious it is to hold a brand new baby. Hours blur into days and weeks as mum and bub bond. It’s a time for cuddles, long loving looks and celebrating all the firsts together. The miracle of making a little human being is one of life’s unmatched joys.

However, rarely does everything run smoothly. Amidst the celebration of new life and the introductions to family and friends, this new little human also brings challenges of their own. The biggest one by far is establishing a sleep routine.

Both mum and baby require plenty of restful sleep to aid in post-partum recovery and the all-important task of growth development. But more often than not, sleep ends up being a battleground and not the peaceful sanctuary hoped for.

Baby wearing sleeping bag made from bamboo

What makes bamboo so great

When it comes to setting up a good bedtime routine, bedding is one of the most important considerations. As far as natural, sustainable fibres go, bamboo is one of the best fabrics to choose. This is because it can help promote natural sleep in babies.

One of the highly desired benefits of bamboo is found in its thermo-regulating properties, helping to keep body temperature in an optimal state. As well as this, bamboo is extremely breathable to ensure skin doesn’t get overheated and clammy.

It’s a pretty impressive list so far, but add luxurious softness, and you have the ideal gentle fabric to use on your baby’s delicate skin.

Why a bamboo sleeping bag

Sleeping bags have become a game changer for parents when it comes to getting baby off to sleep. Because they are like wearable blankets, sleeping bags offer all the warmth and cosiness of a blanket without the risk of being kicked off during the night.

A bamboo sleeping bag goes one step further to ensure your little one sleeps in comfort all night long. A sleepy, snuggly baby who is warm and comfortable is less likely to wake, fuss and disrupt the rest of the sleeping household (which is something most parents are keen to establish quickly).

After being cradled in utero for nine months, it’s no wonder that sleeping all by oneself can be extremely foreign and upsetting for a newborn. A sleeping bag can aid in restoring those feelings of closeness and security without restricting your baby’s movement or growth.

Healthy hip development relies on babies having a full range of motion, so a sleeping bag that has generous dimensions to allow for kicking and movement is essential.

Now, why wouldn’t you wrap your baby in the softest and gentlest natural fibres you could find? We love bamboo for its super soft feel, perfect for sensitive skin. It makes it ideal for cuddling your baby off to sleep, knowing that they’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug. A soft rug, that is.

Bamboo Sleeping Bags, a Safe Sleeping solution

When it comes to creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby, a sleeping bag is generally considered a safer option than loose blankets. Because babies and toddlers tend to wriggle, kick and move about, there is a risk that they might accidentally cause the blankets to come up over their faces, which may obstruct their breathing.

A sleeping bag easily eliminates this from happening, making it the preferred choice of bedding for your infant.

Another benefit can be found in the breathability of bamboo fabric. As it promotes optimal air flow, it is key in preventing babies from overheating while they sleep.

Bamboo swaddle bags for newborn babies

The transition period

If you’ve ever struggled to swaddle a baby, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to finally master the art only to find that your baby has equally mastered the art of escaping the swaddle on a regular basis.

That’s why a Bamboo Grove sleeping bag is the perfect sleep aid to introduce, especially if you’re struggling with a sneaky escape artist. Our sleeping bags have extra snap slips located in the shoulder area so you can safely enclose your baby’s arm to help prevent them waking from the startle reflex.

When your little Houdini has mastered rolling onto their tummies, it is advised to put them to bed with their arms out so they can push themselves back onto the backs. With our sleeping bags, the snap clips allow you to convert the design, when you’re ready, to allow for free-arm sleeping.

Baby sleeping bags to promote better sleep
Eco-friendly sleeping bags for babies
Natural fibre sleeping bags for babies

Dressing baby for bed

Sometimes it may feel like you need a science degree in order to dress your baby for bed. Too warm and you risk them overheating, sweating and getting cold when the temperature drops.

Too cold and they will wake up repeatedly looking for a snuggle. And, while baby snuggles are simply the best, mummies need their sleep too.

Our tried and tested TOG rating chart is a handy resource that helps to take the guesswork out of how warm our sleeping bag varieties are, and how many layers are needed to provide optimal comfort throughout the night.

Baby Sleepwear Dressing Guide How to Layer according to room temperature

Night time changes

Once you master dressing your baby correctly for bedtimes based on room temperature, you’ll still need to negotiate night-time feeds and nappy changes. And, because toilet training doesn’t come until much later, it’s important to ensure night-time nappy changes are as least disruptive as possible. Avoiding disruptions helps your baby fall asleep quicker and become happily familiar with day and night time routines.

To help with this, we’ve made sure our bamboo sleeping bags come with a full zip at the front, so you have easy access to your baby and the smelly culprit responsible for waking everyone up.

Even better, why not pair your sleeping bag with a Bamboo Grove Zip Romper for even easier access and less disruption.

Bamboo sleeping bags for newborns and babies

When to size up your sleeping bag

Blink, and your baby has outgrown something or other! Never fear, our Bamboo Grove Sleeping Bags come in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-24 months.

While our sleeping bags come with age recommendations, it’s important to check that the sleeping bag neck opening is neither too big nor too small. If too big, it may ride up over your baby’s face while they are asleep. Too small and it may rub the skin or restrict your baby’s movement.

Our larger sleeping bags are roomy and allow for toddlers to move with ease. Your little ones will love their safety cocoon and you are free to use it with them as long as they will happily allow you to zip them up for the night.

Here, at Bamboo Grove, it is our greatest wish that you and your family get back to enjoying a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Don’t forget to enjoy all those baby snuggles, as not every night time waking needs to be stressful.

Sometimes being the only two people awake in the quiet of the night can be a sweet experience. Before long, you’ll have teenagers in the house that you’ll struggle to get out of bed at all! You’ll miss those cheeky midnight cuddles one day!



Amazing quality, love the feel of the materials.

Have used other swaddle bags, but this one had an amazing TOG / temperature guide in the box that it comes in which is really helpful.


Best sleeping bag ever!

Absolutely love this sleeping bag! It is so soft and the most gorgeous design!

Talieya C.

Love it!
This sleeping bag is perfect for my baby with eszema. The bag is not tight around the neck which means less contact dermatitis under her chin. The fabric is soft and my baby stayed warm throughout the night. I've got the 1.0 tog, 6-24 months sleeping bag for reference.


Staple item for any FNQ mum!! If your bubba is one for sleeping bags, this is a showstopper! Keeps babe cool in those hot months! Added length of the suit means room to move and grow. Definitely need 2-3 to always have a spare on hand!! Thanks Bamboo Grove Co x