Baby Sleeping Bags made from Bamboo and organic cotton.

Sleeping bags: 6-24 months

Our bamboo sleeping bags are perfect for keeping your little one snuggled up and comfortable all night long. Made with super soft, breathable and natural fabrics, the swaddle and sleeping bags are very comfortable, gentle on delicate skin and can be easily layered according to room temperature. With two thickness levels, we've got the perfect bag for most Australian seasons. So give your child the best sleep ever with a Bamboo Grove Co. sleeping bag!

Why Babies and Parents Love Our Sleeping Bags


Baby sleeping bags are perfect for keeping your little one snuggled up and comfortable throughout the night. It is like a cozy wearable blanket without the worry about unsafe blankets in the cot!

Baby sleeping bags give the same feeling of closeness and comfort babies get in the womb, without restricting their leg and chest movements too much.

Our Sleeping Bags are made from breathable natural fabrics, which are soft and gentle on your little one's skin.


Baby sleeping bags reduce the need for unsafe blankets in the cot.

The TOG rating system and dressing chart make it easy to layer up or down according to room temperature.

Our Sleeping Bags have a wider bottom to allow healthy hip and joint movement and development.


Our bamboo Sleeping Bags come in two sizes

0-6 months: has snaps at the arm openings that can be used as an arms-in swaddle or arms-out sleeping bag. 60 cm long. It will fit babies from birth, however might be a bit big initially. Just ensure that it fits well around baby's neck to prevent them from slipping into the bag. Use with arms out when your baby starts trying to roll over.

6-24 months: 80 cm long. The Sleeping Bag has a roomy fit and can be used until your baby is more mobile or resists being zipped into the bag at night.

TOG rating

Sleeping bags are TOG-rated for warmth to make it easier to layer up the right amount of sleepwear for each season. Use our handy chart below to layer according to the room temperature and your baby's preference.

- Summer sleeping bag - 0.5 TOG: Suitable for warmer temperatures (up to 25 degrees Celsius)

- Spring/Autumn Sleeping Bag - 1 TOG: This sleeping bag is designed for slightly cooler temperatures (between 18-21 degrees Celsius)

Although we love our sleeping bags, you might not need one in really hot weather. Babies do not like being too warm, so make sure they are not overdressed.


70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton.